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Abstract Art is Everywhere 2

Abstract 1:  Barnet Newman’s “Achilles” – National Gallery of Art

Abstract 2:  National Gallery of Art – East Wing, Exterior

Abstract 3: Volcanic Cliff

Simple lines of abstract art are intriguing.  They can be found everywhere.  Some are works created in art mediums (paintings, sculptures, etc.).  Others are created by architectural forms. Still others are found in nature.

Abstract 1 is an oil painting created by Barnet Newman titled “Achilles”.  I stood and looked at this piece for quite a long time.  Rather than try to figure out “what it is meant to be”, I tried to focus on what feeling it brought out in me.  The red made me feel a little anxious.  I did not resonate with this piece.

Abstract 2 is a photograph of the exterior of the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art.  I was walking along, looked up and saw these contrasting shapes of shadows and light.  It just grabbed me.

Abstract 3 is a photograph of the sheer basalt cliffs cut by the Palouse River during the Ice Age Floods.  Nature’s artwork stops me in my tracks.  Sometimes I just do not want to leave.  It instills me to think about how our would was formed and just enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding me.

Art is everywhere!

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Contrast With Different Perspectives

Eastern Market on Capitol Hill, Washington DC

It was a warm Saturday morning at Eastern Market.  Ice cold Beer caught my eye … just what I needed!  But alas, it was just an old sign.

I have been working with contrasts.  This little scene had it all: hot day/cold beer, beer/artwork, old sign/modern art, red/yellow, orange/blue.  What more could I ask for?  It was a great day!

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I Can Never Get Enough

US Capitol, Washington DC

Every time I visit Washington DC and walk around the Capitol, chills run through my body.  Being there gives me a perspective of our history and what our Nation represents.  Looking at the Capitol reflecting on the water, caused me to reflect in turn about how our Nation has grown and changed over the years.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Capitol with my Aunt.  It was her first trip.  Visiting Washington DC was one thing that she wanted to do before she passed.  Walking with her, I could see the sparkle in her eyes and the pride she had on her face.  Her parting remark was that every child should visit Washington DC to gain a perspective of what our Nation is really about.

I have been lucky over the years to have had the opportunity to live in the Washington DC area and visit the Capitol many times. Prior to 911, access to the Senate and House chambers was not restricted.  I recall sitting up in the galleries listening to various sessions.  What a great experience that was.

I still try to visit Washington DC on a relatively frequent basis.  I can never get enough!

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How Lucky We Are!

Civil War Monument and Capitol, WDC

How lucky we are to live in such a great Nation! The current time is extremely challenging and full of discord.  But it is not even close to the times our Nation bas persevered in the past.  On a recent visit to Washington DC, I walked by this Civil War Memorial sculpture with the Capitol in the background.  It stimulated me to think about what our Nation was going through over 150 years ago.  So no matter how bad we may think things are now, lets have the strength and confidence that we all will survive together as a united Nation.

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When You See RED …

130616_Woman in Red by Karl G. Graf. I can’t help myself.  When I see RED, I have to shoot.  It was 90+ degrees in Washington, DC.  People were flocking around the fountain and pool of the Sculpture Garden across from the National Archives.  I was having fun just people watching as I was sitting in the shade enjoying a cool glass of wine.  What a wonderful way to spend a hot afternoon.

With this image, I will end my short series on Washington, DC.  It was a great trip and a wonderful way to spend time with some of our family from the other Washington.


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Viet Nam Memorial Reflection

130614_Viet Nam Memorial by Karl G. Graf.

This view of the Viet Nam Memorial is quite different that most that I have seen.  The camera was placed directly on the marble side of the Memorial.  The scaffold-enclosed Washington Monument is seen reflecting on the Wall.  Our tour guide pointed this angle out.  I would have missed it otherwise.  Again, the same lesson applies:  Keep my eyes open … an image will appear for the taking.

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Listening for News on the War

130612_FDR Memorial by Karl G. Graf.

This sculpture is part of the FDR Memorial.  As we sit with our computers and devices in our current information burdened environment, it is hard to imagine what is was like in the 40’s being in the “dark” yearning for news on the War.  This sculpture made me sit back and think what it was like before TV … I can actually remember listening to the news and shows on quiet evenings at home.

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