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Think Creative

Onomea Falls Water Color

I recently visited the Hawaiian Botanical Gardens, near Hilo, Hawaii.  My mission was to photograph creatively.  I did not focus on the overall beauty of the environment around me.  My focus was on separate scenes, small vignettes, and macro detail while using creative photographic techniques.

For this image, I took multiple exposures covering the range from the bright water and sky to the dark shadows.  When I brought them together into an HDR, all the tonalities were captured. However, I lost the feeling of the dense tropical rainforest setting.  So I decided to play a little with Topaz’s new ‘Studio” software.  I used the watercolor effect to create this image.

I haven’t given up on the natural presentation of this image yet.  It will require a lot of luminance masking with layers to get the natural image that I saw in my mind.  I will do this at a future time when I am in a very patient mood.

Tumalo Falls

130801_Tumalo Falls by Karl G. Graf. During a recent trip to Bend, my wife and I did a little exploring around the area.  We took a drive to Tumalo Falls during the middle of the day.  The mid-day sun did not do this beautiful waterfall justice.  To capture the bright greens without washing the bright water out, I blended two exposures together; one taken for the water and the other for the green trees.