Rocks With a Message

“Path to Never Ending Search of Knowledge”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

When we first started designing the layout of Heatherwood’s Japanese Inspired Garden, I identified three stone designs that I wanted to include to depict important inspirations in my life. The stone pattern in the center of above image is meant to depict a pathway to a never ending search of learning. The bottom stone represents the “seeker”. The four rocks above the seeker curve upward creating a path to acquire knowledge. When reaching the top stone, the seeker can look upward to a tall bluff full of geologic history.

I see every day as an opportunity to discover and learn something new. It may be an element of nature, a new face, a new idea. It can come from an external source or from an internal reflection. As seen above, there is a well worn path alongside the rocks. My legs are not long enough to hop from one to another.

It Is Good to Be Back !

“Goldilocks Japanese White Pine”
Heatherwood Spring

We had a great two week vacation floating down the Danube River, but it still feels good to be back home enjoying our Heatherwood garden. While we were gone, it seems like everything grew about a foot or so. This Pinus parviflora ‘Goldilocks’ sprouted out its new growth in brilliant yellow. The new growth stays yellow throughout the year until late winter when it starts to darken up. Then again in the spring it spurts out its brilliant yellow new growth.

Don’t Forget to Turn Around

“The Emerging Meadow”
Heatherwood Spring

I was walking among our crabapples admiring the blossoms, turned around and saw this scene of our emerging meadow. Just two months ago, this area was covered with tall winter grasses and dried up perennials. The trees and shrubs looked like winter sticks. We even had a quick dash of late winter snow. What a change in just 8 weeks! This will be the fourth year for our meadow area. Each year the plantings get thicker and thicker. Some perennials die off, others take their place.

This year the heavy snows and late winter freeze took their toll on the ground covers. We are waiting for a few more weeks to monitor how they recover before we take to the shears to clean them up.

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And Now the Japanese Maples

“Shin Deshojo Japanese Maple”
Heatherwood Spring

During the last two weeks, our Heatherwood Japanese Maples have been opening their leaves in a glorious burst of spring color. This Shin Deshojo graces our sitting area next to the pond. Its striking pinkish red color steals the show as we enter the sitting area.

We have another Shin Deshojo next our house. It has a story of its own to be told.

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And Now the Crabapples

“Crabapple Collection”
Heatherwood Spring

Right behind the redbuds blooming come the crabapples. This sequence forces Mary and I to make a hard decision, “Where do we sit to enjoy our morning cup of coffee, the woodland with the blooming redbuds or the SE corner where we can enjoy flowering crabapples?” Tough choice!

Spring here in Eastern Washington is a glorious time of the year. Things are changing every day. A daily walk through our garden always brings a new surprise. We enjoy every moment and are grateful for Nature’s wonderful gifts!

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For J. Charles

“Blooming Redbuds”
Heatherwood Woodland Garden

This post is for my friend, J. Charles. Like you, I love redbuds. These are four of nine in our woodland garden area. We have three more scattered around other parts of the garden. When we lived in Virginia, the surround hills were decorated with native eastern redbuds and dogwoods in early spring. They usually bloomed before the other native trees leafed out. In our woodland grove, we also have five dogwoods. However, only one is an early bloomer that bursts out at the same time as the red buds.

Here is another image for your enjoyment! We have an Adirondack settee located where this image is taken. Its a great place for a morning cup of coffee, an afternoon glass of wine, or just a relaxing place to get out of the afternoon sun.

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Spring Welcome

“Hokkeji Lantern & Don Egolf Redbud”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

The Don Egolf Redbud is the early spring star of Heatherwood’s Japanese garden entryway. Standing beside the Hokkeji Lantern, they welcome visitors (and us) to stroll along the pathway leading through the garden. The Japanese maples will soon take over as the blossoms of the Don Golf drop.

Here Come the Dogwoods

“Pink Dogwood”
Heatherwood Spring

As one fades, another springs forward. Our pink dogwoods are now in full bloom! Spring glory is everywhere we turn in Heatherwood. The pink dogwoods were one of the few trees that were already here when I moved back to Selah in 2016. Each year they are getting a bit larger and more profuse in blooms. They welcome us home as we drive up to the house.

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Spring Framing

“Serviceberries in Full Bloom”
Heatherwood Spring

These multi-stemmed serviceberries frame in a peek into our upper yard and Japanese garden. The pink phlox provides a little contrast to trap my eye. Their bloom is short lived. This image was created about a week ago. Today most of the blossoms have dropped off and cover the ground with little white petals.

As the serviceberry blossoms disappear, my attention moves on and now focuses on Heatherwood’s redbuds and crabapples. Stay tuned …

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