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Pushing the Envelope, Always Learning

150915_CS-18 Smother2 by Karl Graf. “CT-18 Smoother”

About four years ago, I saw some intriguing work that was unique to me in Lenswork Magazine, PDF Format.  The work was by Harold Ross using a technique called “light painting”.  I subsequently purchased Harold’s folio titled “Shopcraft”.  The technique uses light to sculpture the image. Light is applied to highlight specific areas.  Multiple images are taken to apply light from different perspectives.  The separate images are then combined in Photoshop to create a composite image.  For reference see Harold Ross’s web site at ““.

When I saw Harold’s work I made a commitment to myself to meet him and attend his workshop in Lancaster County, PA.  A couple of weeks ago I fulfilled that commitment. I feel so fortunate that I did.  It was a great workshop that I encourage anyone with an interest to attend.  The image above is what I left the workshop with along with a new friendship with Harold and his wife Vera.

I plan to continuously explore this area of photography.  It is something new and exciting to me. It stimulates me to move out and explore new things.  Never ending learning …