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Spring is Coming ???

140331_Emerging Daffies by . 140331_Emerging Daffies by . 140331_Emerging-Daffies by     . Fuji X-T1, 55-200mm

Spring has been long in coming.  It has been a long, hard, cold winter with record setting snow fall.  Since the “official” spring started one and one-half weeks ago, it has been cold and wet with even a little snow flurry.  But finally I see emerging spring bulbs coming up.  Maybe Spring is really here!  This morning I thought I would give my new travel camera its first try.  I purchased my new FUJI X-T1 on the recommendation of two of my mentors/instructors,  John Barclay and Tony Sweet.  They have both fallen in love with the new FUJI X-series cameras.  It will take me a while to get familiar with its strengths and weaknesses.  It is sure a lot smaller and lighter than my Canon SLR’s.  Hopefully the weather will get a little warmer for more pleasant shooting.

Sand Ripples

140306_Sand Ripples by Karl Graf. Canon 5D Mark III, EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS @ 200mm, f/16, 1/60 sec, ISO 200

Looking down the beach, I saw this interesting shadow pattern on these sand ripples  as the sun broke the horizon.  This highlight-shadow pattern just lasted a few moments.  There is always something of interest if I am open to what the moment brings.  I just need to be patient and wait for that moment.  It was a nice morning.

I worked on this image to convert it to B&W.  I was a nice pattern of white and black contrasts.  But, the warm sun made the image for me.


Riding on the Beach

140305_Riding on the Beach by Karl Graf. Canon 5D Mark III, EF70-200mm f/2.8L @ 80mm, f/16, 1/80 sec, ISO 200

The sunrise was not spectacular, but there was a nice warm glow that brightened the sky and ocean.  As I was absorbing the warmth of the early morning sun in South Carolina, I was thinking of the cold and snow that we were currently experiencing in Philadelphia.  I was glad to be at Hilton Head Island.  There were just a few of dawn walkers and bikers.  I waited several moments as this biker and her dog first rode up the beach (I missed her the first time) then turned around and came back down.  It added a little interest to what would have been a very nondescript photo.