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Happy Thanksgiving

“Fall Color”
Heatherwood Autumn

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. I remember the wonderful times up at the Ranch with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ben, all of my aunts and uncles, Mom and Dad, and 4 of 5 of my siblings. There were 15 of us back then in the 50’s. Our family has now grown to about 75 comprising four generations: aunts, uncles, our generation, nieces and nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, cousins, and all the spouses. Back in the 50’s we were all together up at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. Today, we are spread out over Washington, Oregon, and New York. I miss the old days when we were all together, but time passes and new experiences open up. Each day adds to my list of memories of a wonderful life.

There is so much to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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For Mary

“Mary’s Bright and Shiny”
Heatherwood Summer

This post is for you, my Dear! Remember when I asked you what you wanted in our new Heatherwood garden. You said, “Something Bright and Shiny.” Here it is, just for you. Our Cherry Allee lines a field of bright and shiny perennials and shrubs. One blooms and fades, another follows right behind. Your special garden provides interest from spring through autumn. It even has its own winter interest with spent hydrangea and perennial blooms, grasses flowing in the wind, bright red berginias and yellow-twig dogwoods. Sitting rocks at the top are placed so we can enjoy gazing over the landscape together. The garden is designed and constructed for your daily enjoyment. Happy Anniversary!

Sometimes a Different Perspective Is Needed

“Pink & Yellow Yarrow”
Heatherwood Summer

I have walked by this spot many, many times. What I normally see is a wide angle view of pretty flowers at my feet, green grass and a meadow expanding in front of me, our and our neighbors’ homes, and the distant ridge surrounding the view. By just moving down to ground level, my perspective completely changes to focus on the beautiful jewels right in front of my face.

Life is similar. So many times I look around and see all the confusion and discomforting things that distract me and cause anxiety. When I settle down and become grounded, I can see and feel the many things that are right with our world. Today, I celebrate Independence Day and reflect and cherish all what independence brings to me.

Happy 4th of July!

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Never Forget

“World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial”
New York City

Now, on this Memorial Day more than ever, we all need to step back and remember what our Nation has gone through to establish and maintain our Democracy. We need to honor all who have given their lives to maintain our freedom. We need to thank those who have rebuilt our country and our sense of democratic freedom after attacks have been made.

Right now, the world is under attack by an autocrat in Russia who has ruthlessly invaded the Ukraine and who threatens to use nuclear weapons if anyone tries to stop him. Here at home, we are threatened by an autocrat who has denied the legitimacy of our election process (without any proof) and who has instigated an attack on our Capitol. On a personal basis, we are being held up by a gun lobby who will not back off supporting selling military grade weapons designed for the mass killing of people.

It is the time for us to stand up and bring back sanity and compassion to our Nation and World.

Easter Emergence

“Celebrating Easter”
Heatherwood Lower Garden

Easter is a time of emergence and new life. Heatherwood welcomes Easter with its early spring burst of bulbs, trees blooming and leafing out, perennials popping out of the ground, and grass greening up. It is a celebration of life that nature and our Lord has given us.

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Happy Valentines Day

“Bleeding Hearts”
Heatherwood Spring

Bleeding Hearts have always been a symbol for Valentines Day even though they bloom in May. This Bleeding Heart was the first plant that I planted in our garden after moving to Selah in 2016. Each year I anxiously await for it to present its spring glory.

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Happy New Year!

“Sunrise View”
Heatherwood Winter

Today is the sunrise for a new year! It is a time to look forward to the new challenges and opportunities the new year will bring. There are wonderful times ahead to spend with family and friends. There are new adventures around the corner with new things to learn. There are times for work and for enjoying the results. There are times for quiet contemplation on what is most important in life. It will be our challenge to act on the most important things and make the best of each and every day.

Today will be a great day. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

“Early Winter Snow”
Heatherwood Winter

We are thankful for the gift of a little pre-Christmas snow that helped us get into a peaceful Christmas spirit. The natural setting here at Heather wood allows us to relax and enjoy the wonderful gifts that our Lord has given us.

As I stroll in the winter garden, I reflect on the many happy Christmases I have had throughout my life. They started up at the Ranch in Selah, WA for my early childhood years. They continued at our Hillcrest house overlooking Selah during my adolescence and college years. Karen and I enjoyed Christmases in Richland, Seattle, Bothell, Washington DC, Kent, Woodinville, and Fountainville, PA as my career took me back and forth across the country. And now Mary and I are spending our golden years in our Heatherwood garden back in Selah.

The Christmas season, even with all its hustle and bustle, is an occasion where we all need to take the time to be at peace, reflect on our lives and be thankful for what is most important to us and all that our Lord has given us.

Merry Christmas!

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Simple Pleasures

“Walk Through the Garden”
Heatherwood Winter

The simple pleasure of walking through our Heatherwood garden is something I do almost every day. Sometimes the walk is just a few minutes, other times hours go by before I come in. The garden is in its infancy, but little vignettes like the one above, make each stroll a new experience.

During the busy Holiday season it is easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle. I try my best to make sure I do not let the opportunities for little simple pleasures escape.

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