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Spring Snow

Heatherwood Spring

We have had snow on the ground since Christmas. I am ready for a little spring snow created by a drift of daffodils. We have enjoyed the beauty of the snow covered garden, but are anxious to get back to gardening activities. There are bushes to prune, grasses to cut, perennials to trim back, and beds to prepare as we get ready for the spring planting season. We have a little over one month left before we start. In the mean time we are selecting new plants and planning our spring projects. Spring will be here before we know. Now it’s time to get back to enjoying the quiet beauty of winter.

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All Good Things Must Come to an End

“Selah-Naches Irrigation Flume”
Heatherwood View

After 129 years of use, the last section of our historic irrigation flume is being replaced by a modern pipeline. Today, this section was demolished. It was so sad to see it come down. To pay it a little tribute, I post-processed the image to give a little historic antique look. Memories!!!

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Bird Food

Rudbeckia and Grasses”
Heatherwood Winter

Birds love our winter garden. We enjoy watching them flying in and out of the meadow and into the crabapples feeding on seeds and fruit. Several of our blue spruces act as winter homes. We have noticed more birds this year than in prior years. As Heatherwood matures, we hope that the garden will become a little sanctuary for various bird species.

We leave the garden’s spent vegetation in place during the winter, not only for a food source for birds but also for its winter interest. How dull the garden would look if all the perennials were to be neatly cut back in the fall. We will save the neat look until the spring.

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Something a Little Different

“Patio Rock Garden in Infrared”
Heatherwood Summer

I needed a little change, so I thought I would post an infrared image of our summer garden. This image is of our new rock garden planted during the spring of 2021. By early summer, the plants had taken hold and started blooming. It will take a couple of years for this area to catch up with our rock garden and meadow planting areas.

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In Search Of …

“Winter Grass”
Heatherwood Meadow

Recently I have let myself become a little trapped into a photographic rut. Most of my work has been focused on recording what I see. At times the result has been “pretty pictures” that have not portrayed my real feelings behind what I see. I am in a state of being in search of what it takes to create a compelling image that is unique and reflects my feelings behind it.

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A Touch of Hoar Frost

“Winter Beauty”
Heatherwood Meadow

I woke up to early morning fog covering Heatherwood. As the fog lifted, it left a little hoar frost across the garden. Out came my camera. It was time for a little winter walk in the garden. I initially was focusing on small details but was not coming up with much that I was happy with. I looked up and saw this set of golden layered grasses and the evergreen background. The grasses were tipped with a thin layer of hoar frost that provided highlights and a little winter contrast that separated the layers.

One Down, Two to Go

“Redbud Abstract”
Heatherwood Woodland Garden

One month of winter has passed by, only two more until the first day of spring arrives. Our grounds have been covered with snow since the last week in December. We have enjoyed the beauty of the Heatherwood’s winter scape, but are getting a little “itchy” to get out and work in the garden.

I try to live each day in the present, focusing on what I can do today to enjoy it to its fullest. Each and every day is a precious gift. I feel a little guilty when I start wishing for the future. But it is hard not to when there is such beauty ahead.

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