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Heatherwood Japanese Garden Stroll #21 – Conclusion

“View From the Perch”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

Before settling down in the “Perch’s” Adirondack settee, our visitor takes a few moments to enjoy the scene that folds out below. From here, the stroller can view the Selah-Yakima gap, the rural Selah valley and rolling hills, and the Heatherwood landscape as a background to the Japanese garden stream and waterfalls. The dense cloud cover provides a contrast to the normally bright blue summer skies of the Yakima Valley. It is now time to sit down, relax, and enjoy a little peace with the rushing water and the song of birds providing nature’s wonderful music.

This posting is the conclusion for our stroller’s walk through Heatherwood’s Japanese Garden. There is much more to see and enjoy, but those will be left for a future stroll.

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Heatherwood Japanese Garden Stroll #20

“Path to the Kotoji”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

Our stroller continues the walk to the top of the path. A stepping stone path beckons one to a sitting rock by the stream across from the Kotoji Japanese lantern. Sitting on the rock next to the stream, a visitor can dangle their fingers in the flowing water as they gaze down and enjoy the water rushing down the hillside.

Today, our stroller decides not to walk down to the stream. Instead they look to the left and see a comfortable Adirondack settee calling them to take a rest and look over the Japanese garden and surrounding countryside.

“The Perch”

Heatherwood Japanese Garden Stroll #19

“Looking Down Over Garden”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

After a two week break, our visitor continues their stroll up to the top of the Japanese garden. Through a break in the trees, the stroller pauses and looks down to overlook the garden below. He/she notices two young deciduous trees, a Kentucky coffeetree and a Japanese pagoda tree. These were planted this year along with a cork tree to provide a future separation between the Japanese garden hillside and the stream and waterfall beyond. They currently stand about twelve feet tall. At maturity these trees can reach a height of over 60 feet and a width of 40-50 feet.

As the stroller continues up the path, he/she is greeted by small Japanese mountain lantern. The lantern is a harbinger that the path is nearing its end.

“Japanese Mountain Lantern”

Never Forget

“9/11 Memorial”
New York City

Twenty years have passed since the infamous attack on the American Nation. The memorial pays tribute to the 2,983 people who lost their lives in the 2001 and 1993 terrorist attacks. We must never forget those who were lost as well as the families and friends whose lives were impacted by the lost ones.

We must never forget about the terrorist events themselves. But we must also look beyond the events and search out the root causes that triggered them. Only by addressing and resolving the root causes will we be able to stop such events from occurring again in the future.

Heatherwood Japanese Garden Stroll #18

“View of Selah Bluff”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

Turning the corner, the path straightens out and the view opens up. Our visitor is presented a picturesque scene of the Selah Bluff on a beautiful Eastern Washington blue sky day. One of the design aspects of our Heatherwood garden is the use of borrowed scenery from the surrounding area. We make liberal use of it!