Monthly Archives: July 2013

Being Watched

130726_Being Watched by Karl G. Graf. Standing in line in New York City’s Times Square waiting to purchase theater tickets, I looked up and saw this HUGE eye looking down on me.  What an eerie feeling!!!  Look close and you can see  the billboard’s display segments.

I always find something interesting when I walk down the streets of NYC!  I constantly looking up, down, side to side, and back and forward.

Whale Watching

130717_Whale1 (1 of 1) by Karl G. Graf.

This is my first attempt at capturing Orchas in Puget Sound.  We joined a couple of friends up in the San Juan Islands a few weeks ago to relax, enjoy each other’s company and watch some Orchas.  Capturing whales is definitely a skill that has to be developed.  They are either too far away or too close.  They continuously pop up where you don’t expect them.  However, the biggest skill is to keep a steady hand when you are so excited seeing such amazing creatures.