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A Reminder

“Angels Unaware”
St. Peter’s Square, The Vatican

Across the world, refugees are streaming across borders from war-torn, crime-laden, and economic-deprived conditions. They are just looking for somewhere to live where they can earn a simple living free from fear and oppression.

Walking through St. Peter’s Basilica square in the Vatican, I gazed at this new (2019) monument created by Timothy P. Schmalz. The sad staring eyes of this one woman captured my attention. I couldn’t break away. I felt like she was seeking my help.

We live in an area that is dependent on migrant workers to harvest our valley’s crops. Without them, our local economy would not survive. We need them as much as they need us. Over time, they have integrated into our communities. We are all better for it!

A Beam of Light

St. Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican

A beam of light brushed across the head and hand of this unassuming sculpture in St. Peter’s Basilica. The image created by the light jumped out at me. For a short moment, this simple sculpture was the most prominent piece of art in the glorious Basilica.

I’ve looked through hundreds of St. Peter’s Basilica images on-line and haven’t been able to find this sculpture. It just has not captured a photographer’s eye. Be what it may, it is my favorite photograph of our visit to Rome.

Awe Inspiring

“The David”
Galleria dell’Accademia
, Florence, Italy

I thought the copy of ‘The David’ standing outside the Uffizi museums was a breath taking sculpture. But then I saw the original at the Accademia. I stood and just stared. I walked up close and stared some more. I walked around the sculpture, stopping every few steps. I looked from every angle. I walked around to the front and stared more. I stepped back and just admired the great piece of art. I then raised my camera and realized that there was no way that I could create an image that represented the feeling that ‘The David’ invoked upon me. The above image is the closest that I came. I wish I could better describe what I felt.

Big Head

“Tindaro Screpolato by sculptor Igor Mitoraj”
Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy

Commonly known as the ‘Giant Head’ the Tinder Screpolato was a huge contrast to the other Renaissance sculptures in the Medici’s Boboli Gardens in Florence. After a long morning walk through residential Florence we ended up at the Medeci Palace and the attached Boboli Gardens. It was hot, 90 degrees plus, and our water bottles were empty. We walked up the garden hill to a large grass lawn and saw this giant head. We stopped looked at the sculpture and decided it was a good time to walk back to our hotel and take a nap.

There is a Story Behind

“Madam of Stink”
Florence, Italy

In the cradle of the Renaissance, we saw this comic sculpture in an alley way. It was a protest from the building owner to the local garbage service. The garbage service identified this spot in the alley for residents in the local area to deposit their garbage. We were told that the protest was in vain.

Makes My Knees Shake

“The Duomo Main Entrance”
Florence, Italy

My mind is back in Florence, reminiscing on our recent trip to Italy. Standing near the main stairs leading inside the Duomo, my knees and whole body felt weak under the grandeur of the awe inspiring cathedral facade. It was difficult for me to stand still enough to create a steady image.

Being a small town country boy, I stand back and wonder. It is hard for me to comprehend what it took to create such a wonderful piece of architecture and art: the patrons, the designers, the political battles, the financial resources, the workers, the time it took to build, the people for whom it was built. I imagine and dream, then pause and enjoy the wonderful gift of what was created centuries ago.


“Welcome to the Garden”
Portland Japanese Garden

This tall statuesque lantern welcomes visitors into the natural part of the Portland Japanese Garden. I have had a difficult time photographing this lantern during my several trips to the garden. On a sunny day, the strong light casts bright spots and shadows across the scene. On a cloudy day the moss-covered lantern blends into the background. During this visit, the light was gentle in the background as well as on the foreground. I was able to create a little more interest. It still is not quite what I want, but it getting closer. Maybe the next time I visit …

Similar Lantern, Different Feeling

“Kotoji and Stream”
Portland Japanese Garden

The Kotoji Japanese lantern in the Portland Japanese Garden is tucked away, partly hidden by surrounding shrubs and weeping maples. Shade has stimulated moss to grow on the lantern over the years. The lantern peacefully looks over the gentle, slow moving small stream.

At Heatherwood, the feeling is quite different. The surrounding shrubs and Orangeola Japanese maple have not had the years to mature and surround the Kotoji. The lantern is in full direct sun and stands like a strong guardian over the rapidly rushing stream and waterfalls.

“Kotoji and Waterfall”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden