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“Mono Lake & White Mountains”
Eastern California

We had just driven through a beautiful winding road up from Carson City, Nevada into the California Sierras. Coming down a steep winding road, we rounded a bend and saw this wide plain right in front of us. We quickly pulled off to a view point to take in the wide view of Mono Lake. The wind was howling. It was difficult to get the car door open. We could see gusts of wind blowing the light salt cloud over the lake.

Does It Matter?

“Rocks of Alabama”
Alabama Hills, California

I cannot define why these rock formations caught my eye. They just did. Was it their unusual shapes? Was it the contrast between the smooth eroded rocks in the foreground and the more rugged rocks in the background? Was it the textural difference between the Alabama Hills and the background Eastern Sierras? Or was it the memories of all the old cowboy movies of my childhood? Does it matter?

Early Morning Light

“Mt. Langley & Mt. Whitney”
Eastern Sierras, California

I woke up, put on my clothes, stepped outside, looked across the road, and saw this stunning sight. It was just outside the Best Western Hotel in Lone Pine, CA. On my first look, the sun was starting to shine on the tips of Mt. Langley in the foreground and Mt. Whitney in the background. I grabbed my camera, ran across the road, and waited for the sunlight to cover the mountains and the tip of the Alabama Hills. It just took a few moments for the light to caress the top of the Alabama Hills. What a wonderful way to start a new day!

Ready for a Hike?

“Mt. Whitney”
Eastern Sierras, California

There it stands, Mt. Whitney issuing a challenge to able-bodied hikers to come up and climb me. This image is from a campground and a trail head for the climb. I can’t imagine myself ever attempting the climb. Kathy, this image is dedicated to you. I can remember you coming back from your trek to the top and saying it was tough, but not too bad. I wish you many more climbs in the future!