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The overview of the natural landscape.

Winter Perspective

“Winter View from the Perch”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

Standing above our stream and waterfalls gives me a wide perspective of our Japanese garden below. It is very quiet and peaceful up here now that the main stream has been shut down for its winter rest. When I am up here, my mind wanders from enjoying the openness of the wide perspective to focusing on little vignettes and details. Many times I lose track of time as I peacefully dream over the landscape. Winter snow adds a whole different feeling.

Happy New Year!

“Sunrise View”
Heatherwood Winter

Today is the sunrise for a new year! It is a time to look forward to the new challenges and opportunities the new year will bring. There are wonderful times ahead to spend with family and friends. There are new adventures around the corner with new things to learn. There are times for work and for enjoying the results. There are times for quiet contemplation on what is most important in life. It will be our challenge to act on the most important things and make the best of each and every day.

Today will be a great day. Happy New Year!

Looking to the Future

“Future Garden Room View”
Heatherwood Late Fall

We have designed locations for ten different viewing areas within our Heatherwood garden. Some look inward to the garden, some look outward, and some do both. Six are currently in place. We are planning on implementing two more this coming year. The one illustrated in the above image is in the southwest corner. We will create a little garden room around this spot. It will be designed to enclose the foreground lawn area and provide privacy to the sitting area. From this spot we will be able to enjoy the plants surrounding the lawn up close and still maintain the view of the north and western hills above Heatherwood. It will take several years to achieve this goal. We will patiently enjoy watching it mature.

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Desert Forest

“Joshua Trees”
Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Have you ever seen a forest in the desert. Here in Joshua Tree National Park, the south eastern Mohave Desert is covered with this strange forest. It is truly a western scene. I can imagine cowboys riding through this desolate area. There is no water to be found for miles..

The Joshua Tree is the largest of the Yuccas, reaching 35- 40 feet tall. They can live up to 150 years. Some have even found to have lived 300 years. They are a tough plant!


“Mono Lake & White Mountains”
Eastern California

We had just driven through a beautiful winding road up from Carson City, Nevada into the California Sierras. Coming down a steep winding road, we rounded a bend and saw this wide plain right in front of us. We quickly pulled off to a view point to take in the wide view of Mono Lake. The wind was howling. It was difficult to get the car door open. We could see gusts of wind blowing the light salt cloud over the lake.

Early Morning Light

“Mt. Langley & Mt. Whitney”
Eastern Sierras, California

I woke up, put on my clothes, stepped outside, looked across the road, and saw this stunning sight. It was just outside the Best Western Hotel in Lone Pine, CA. On my first look, the sun was starting to shine on the tips of Mt. Langley in the foreground and Mt. Whitney in the background. I grabbed my camera, ran across the road, and waited for the sunlight to cover the mountains and the tip of the Alabama Hills. It just took a few moments for the light to caress the top of the Alabama Hills. What a wonderful way to start a new day!

Ready for a Hike?

“Mt. Whitney”
Eastern Sierras, California

There it stands, Mt. Whitney issuing a challenge to able-bodied hikers to come up and climb me. This image is from a campground and a trail head for the climb. I can’t imagine myself ever attempting the climb. Kathy, this image is dedicated to you. I can remember you coming back from your trek to the top and saying it was tough, but not too bad. I wish you many more climbs in the future!

We’re Not in Eastern Washington Anymore

Lone Oak & Mt. Whitney”
Alabama Hills, California

Today, I thought I would post something a little different than an image from our Heatherwood garden. I haven’t been out of our immediate area photographing in nature much since last June in the Palouse. It feels good to take a little break from our garden.

The Alabama Hills have always attracted me since watching all those old cowboy movies when I was a kid. The unique landscape with its rolling hills, intriguing rock formations, box canyons, and rugged Eastern Sierras have provided, and still do provide, a great background for action movies. They are a wonderful place to explore.

This live oak in its yellow fall color provides a great foreground for Mt. Whitney in the background. I remember how disappointed I was the first time I saw Mt. Whitney. I was expecting a towering peak standing out above the surrounding hills. It was no Mt. Rainier! But the fact remains that it is still the highest peak in the continental US.

Heatherwood Japanese Garden Stroll #21 – Conclusion

“View From the Perch”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

Before settling down in the “Perch’s” Adirondack settee, our visitor takes a few moments to enjoy the scene that folds out below. From here, the stroller can view the Selah-Yakima gap, the rural Selah valley and rolling hills, and the Heatherwood landscape as a background to the Japanese garden stream and waterfalls. The dense cloud cover provides a contrast to the normally bright blue summer skies of the Yakima Valley. It is now time to sit down, relax, and enjoy a little peace with the rushing water and the song of birds providing nature’s wonderful music.

This posting is the conclusion for our stroller’s walk through Heatherwood’s Japanese Garden. There is much more to see and enjoy, but those will be left for a future stroll.

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