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Karl Graf was born in Selah, Washington, a small farming community in the eastern part of the state.  “I spent my early years following my grandfather’s and uncle’s foot steps as they worked our orchard.  I also spent time with my other grandfather on his small cattle ranch. Both grandfathers were carpenters by trade. I grew up working with tools and building things.  My teen years were spent working in my father’s homebuilding construction company.  It was no surprise that I picked engineering as a career at the University of Washington.  Over the years, I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with many “engineering artists” in the nuclear, heavy construction equipment, aerospace, and medical equipment fields.”

“I first became interested in photography in the early 70’s as a means to capture events.  It was enjoyable, but it did not create a “fire” inside me.  By the late 70’s, my interest in photography had subsided.  Then came digital.  The technology intrigued me and offered the opportunity to experiment and learn in real time.  Since starting back up in 2004, I have continued a path along a ‘Never Ending Journey’ of learning.”


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    1. kgrafphoto Post author

      Mr. Mooney,
      I am ready any time you are to go out on a photo expedition.

  1. Ken Plessner


    Really enjoyed skipping around on your website, looking at many photos and reading your brief descriptions. Now I have a place to go to find both art blended with interesting information. Thanks so much for sharing your craft.

    Ken Plessner

  2. Linda Green Ritch

    Hi Karl, I had lunch with Judy (and our Moms) and she told me the big news. So funny I had not heard a word about it! Anyway CONGRATULATIONS to you and Mary. Then she mentioned to look at your online photography-been enjoying it very much. Can I send you some of mine sometime?


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