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The South Bed is Filling In

‘Jeffrey Pine & Friends’
Heatherwood Late Summer

It was a nice morning to take a little stroll along the the southern part of our garden. The bright new yellow blooms of the solidago (golden rod) complement the fading rudbeckia to provide a nice contrast with the purple Russian sage and green grass and conifers. The Jeffrey pine with its 8-9 inch needles is the star of the show. We still have a lot of bright colors in the garden as the summer approaches its end.

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Thoughts on “Bright and Shiny”

‘Cherry Allee’
Heatherwood Summer

Mid-summer is the peak of color which gives Heatherwood’s Cherry Allee its nick name, ‘Bright and Shiny’. When we were defining the conceptual design of the lower garden area, we asked Mary what she would like to see. She quickly said, “Something bright and shiny.” Three years after planting, here it is.

We envisioned creating a framed-in colorful view from our house level which included both a near field interest of color as well as a bucolic view of the background farms. Pink Flair cherry trees frame the planting area and lead a viewer’s eyes through the scene to the sky above. The shaped lower lawn separates the foreground from the background. We planted oak and birch trees to separate Heatherwood from the neighbor’s pasture. The trees at the top of the hill provide additional interest as they break the horizon line.

We added ‘sitting rock’ benches at the top of the garden to immerse the viewer into the bright flowers. Lilies planted just right of the stone benches provide a sweet aroma. It is easy to get lost in the beautiful colors and sweet smells.

All season interest was also in our minds when we designed ‘Bright and Shiny’. In the early spring, the cherries break out in beautiful pinkish white blooms. Later in spring the perennials start to bloom in color profession. In summer the perennials reach their peak as different plants come in out of their prime colors. In autumn, the cherry trees and the background trees burst out in brilliant fall color. And in winter, the red bark of the cherries and the yellow bark of the yellow twig dogwoods frame the view while the different forms and textures of the spent perennials provide winter interest. When snow covers the ground and trees it is like a winter wonderland.

Mary is happy!

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A Different Way of Looking

‘Lower Garden’
Heatherwood Summer

It’s midday. the sun is directly above, the temperature is close to 100 degrees. It’s not the ideal time to photograph the garden. But wait, the harsh sun reflecting off the garden vegetation and bright blue skies make an ideal opportunity to work in the infrared spectrum. The bright reflections from the grass and foliage contrast with the dark tone of the blue sky providing an interesting perspective.

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Early Morning Standout

Backlit Cork Tree
Heatherwood Spring

Our young cork tree stands out as the early morning sun backlights its light green leaves. The cork tree is one of our more recent additions to the Japanese section of our garden. We are gradually adding taller-growing trees which will eventually add shade to the Japanese garden. Even though it is now only about ten feet tall, it is already adding interest to the garden. Someday it will grow to 30-40 feet tall and gracefully spread shade through the garden.

It Is Good to Be Back !

“Goldilocks Japanese White Pine”
Heatherwood Spring

We had a great two week vacation floating down the Danube River, but it still feels good to be back home enjoying our Heatherwood garden. While we were gone, it seems like everything grew about a foot or so. This Pinus parviflora ‘Goldilocks’ sprouted out its new growth in brilliant yellow. The new growth stays yellow throughout the year until late winter when it starts to darken up. Then again in the spring it spurts out its brilliant yellow new growth.

And Now the Japanese Maples

“Shin Deshojo Japanese Maple”
Heatherwood Spring

During the last two weeks, our Heatherwood Japanese Maples have been opening their leaves in a glorious burst of spring color. This Shin Deshojo graces our sitting area next to the pond. Its striking pinkish red color steals the show as we enter the sitting area.

We have another Shin Deshojo next our house. It has a story of its own to be told.

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And Now the Crabapples

“Crabapple Collection”
Heatherwood Spring

Right behind the redbuds blooming come the crabapples. This sequence forces Mary and I to make a hard decision, “Where do we sit to enjoy our morning cup of coffee, the woodland with the blooming redbuds or the SE corner where we can enjoy flowering crabapples?” Tough choice!

Spring here in Eastern Washington is a glorious time of the year. Things are changing every day. A daily walk through our garden always brings a new surprise. We enjoy every moment and are grateful for Nature’s wonderful gifts!

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For J. Charles

“Blooming Redbuds”
Heatherwood Woodland Garden

This post is for my friend, J. Charles. Like you, I love redbuds. These are four of nine in our woodland garden area. We have three more scattered around other parts of the garden. When we lived in Virginia, the surround hills were decorated with native eastern redbuds and dogwoods in early spring. They usually bloomed before the other native trees leafed out. In our woodland grove, we also have five dogwoods. However, only one is an early bloomer that bursts out at the same time as the red buds.

Here is another image for your enjoyment! We have an Adirondack settee located where this image is taken. Its a great place for a morning cup of coffee, an afternoon glass of wine, or just a relaxing place to get out of the afternoon sun.

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Spring Welcome

“Hokkeji Lantern & Don Egolf Redbud”
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

The Don Egolf Redbud is the early spring star of Heatherwood’s Japanese garden entryway. Standing beside the Hokkeji Lantern, they welcome visitors (and us) to stroll along the pathway leading through the garden. The Japanese maples will soon take over as the blossoms of the Don Golf drop.

Here Come the Dogwoods

“Pink Dogwood”
Heatherwood Spring

As one fades, another springs forward. Our pink dogwoods are now in full bloom! Spring glory is everywhere we turn in Heatherwood. The pink dogwoods were one of the few trees that were already here when I moved back to Selah in 2016. Each year they are getting a bit larger and more profuse in blooms. They welcome us home as we drive up to the house.

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