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Late Afternoon Glow

‘Traveling Through the Yellow Mounds’
Badlands National Park, SD

The late afternoon sun warmed up the rolling hills near the Yellow Mound Area of the Badlands National Park. The warm sunlight warmed up the grass-covered hills creating a glowing gold scene. This image was created during my first evening in the Park. I came back several times to get different perspectives of this beautiful area.

Fire in the Sky

‘Sunset from Norbeck Pass’
Badlands National Park, SD

My previous post was from my last day in the Badlands. This image was my greeting on my first evening in the Park. It was a great way to start my Badlands adventure. During my seven day excursion, we photographed scenic vistas, intimate vignettes, wildlife, old abandoned buildings, sunsets, sunrises, harsh mid day brightness, color, infrared, and many other perspectives. The workshop was an opportunity to play and experiment, as well as creating serious images.

Color in the Badlands

‘Light Rain Over the Badlands’
Badlands National Park
, SD

I just returned from a great workshop with Tony Sweet and Sue Milestone in the Badlands of South Dakota. During our last day, we had some light rain which highlighted the striking colors over the terrain. The slight moisture brought out the normally subdued colors. What a beautiful sight!

Experimentation & Practice

‘Color Infrared Practice’
Heatherwood Japanese Garden

I have been practicing infrared photography in preparation for an upcoming photography workshop in South Dakota’s Badlands. All of my previous infrared (IR) work has been in monochrome. I thought I would play around with a little color IR processing as a change of pace. This image was created using a color IR filter which adds a yellow/orange tint to elements that reflect IR and a blue tint to elements that absorb IR.

The jury is still out regarding the color processing.

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The South Bed is Filling In

‘Jeffrey Pine & Friends’
Heatherwood Late Summer

It was a nice morning to take a little stroll along the the southern part of our garden. The bright new yellow blooms of the solidago (golden rod) complement the fading rudbeckia to provide a nice contrast with the purple Russian sage and green grass and conifers. The Jeffrey pine with its 8-9 inch needles is the star of the show. We still have a lot of bright colors in the garden as the summer approaches its end.

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Place for Peace and Quiet

‘Southeast Corner Rest Stop’
Heatherwood Summer

This quiet spot is in the southeast corner of our garden. We planted a set of various conifers and a few deciduous trees to provide a cosy corner to rest and view the lower section of Heatherwood. The corner is highlighted with several uncommon conifers that provide special interest as we sit and enjoy the sights.

In the spring we admire the blossoms from a field of daffodils and trees from our crabapple grove. In the summer we view our multicolored meadow as we gaze up to our house above. In the fall, splotches of yellow, orange, red, and purple of the fall foliage pepper the garden in front of us. During the winter, the green and yellow conifers dominate the view complemented by the red, yellow, and oranges of the red, yellow, and midwinter fire branches of the dogwood shrubs. It is a great place to just sit and enjoy the world around us.

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More Infrared Practice

‘Japanese Garden Waterfall in IR’
Heatherwood Summer

I am working hard to learn and experiment what makes an interesting infrared image. I look for contrasts that infrared will highlight. In this image the infrared pulls out the greens and yellows of the trees and shrubs surrounding the dark shade of the pond, rocks, and sky. The reflections from the water makes the stream flowing over the rocks and the ripples on the pond stand out.

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

“Dog Days of Summer”
Heatherwood Lower Yard

This week has been a scorcher with temperatures rising above 105 degrees! By 10 AM, the temperature reaches above 90 degrees. It is really too hot to do much of anything outside. But, it is a great time to create a few infrared images. I need to do a little IR photography practice as I prepare for a workshop in the Badlands of South Dakota in September.

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Purple and Gold

‘Sea Holly, Rudbeckia, & Russian Sage’
Heatherwood Meadow

Heatherwood is peppered with Purple and Gold. No one would guess that I am a died in wool University of Washington Husky!

This image is all about contrast. It represents contrast in color (yellow & purple), shape (globes, stars, and spikes), as well as texture (smooth, prickly, and soft).

This combination of plants also remind me of their spreading capability. When we planted the meadow three years ago, we had a couple of groupings of individual rudbeckia, sea holly and Russian sage. Today they are spread throughout our lower garden. By the end of the season we will have enough seedlings to share with our neighbors!

Looking Northeast, I Dream

‘Lower Yard Looking Northeast’
Heatherwood Summer

My eyes follow the lawn path through the lower garden up to Selah Bluff on the horizon. The infrared perspective puts me into a dream-like state. I wonder what is beyond the bluff. Beyond, the Wenas valley slopes to the Yakima River. Then another set of ridges rise up then down to the Ryegrass plateau. The plateau rolls along then descends down to the Columbia River. Ridges of the Yakima folds rise up from the river and level off into the farmlands of the Columbia Basin. A few small farm towns sprinkle the basin. Two-hundred miles away lies Spokane.

I then think of the sprawling metropolitan area between Olympia and Everett, and am thankful for where I live. I am a country boy at heart.

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