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Christmas at Fonthill – East Room

151226_FonthillChristmas_East Room by Karl Graf. Fonthill Castle Christmas Decorations – East Room

The East Room has a little alcove that was made just for a Christmas tree.  Perfect fit.

This is a single exposure with natural lighting.  I highlighted the tree and the ceiling tiles using a simple recipe of Color Efex Pro’s tonal contrast, highlight detail, and pro contrast presets. The highlights were painted in leaving the background a “softer” contrast (thus popping out the sharper contrast highlights).

Christmas at Fonthill – Columbus Room – Merry Christmas!

151225_FonthillChristmas_Columbus Room by Karl Graf. Fonthill Castle Christmas Decorations – Columbus Room

Merry Christmas to all!

Photographing the Fonthill Christmas Decoration Exhibit was very special to me this year.  Due to multiple reasons, I did not put up a tree this year (first time ever).  I substituted enjoying my usual tree with the beautiful exhibit at Fonthill.  I spent 6-7 hours exploring the Castle with my camera.  It was a very, very special day for me.

The Columbus Room is the most tile-decorated room in the Castle.  Christmas decorations are done in a similar fashion.  This tree was my favorite as I explored through the rooms.  Below is a close up of some of the details:

151225_FonthillChristmas_Columbus Room3 by Karl Graf. 151225_FonthillChristmas_Columbus Room2 by Karl Graf.

And a couple more decorations around the room:

151225_FonthillChristmas_Columbus Room4 by Karl Graf. 151225_FonthillChristmas_Columbus Room5 by Karl Graf. 151225_FonthillChristmas_Columbus Room6 by Karl Graf.

Christmas at Fonthill – Dormer

151224_FonthillChristmas_Dormer by Karl Graf. Fonthill Castle Christmas Decorations – Dormer

This image is from the Fonthill Dormer.  The Dormer was Henry Mercer’s first bedroom at Fonthill.  The Study was in an adjoining adjacent room.  In his later years, Mercer moved to the darker Terrace Room to avoid the bright light of the Dormer.

This image is a single exposure.  Exposure was balanced using NIK’s Viveza plug in.  The corners were darkened using Color Efex Pro.

Christmas at Fonthill – Study

151223_FonthillChristmas_Study by Karl Graf. Fonthill Castle Christmas Decorations – Study

This image was taken in the Fonthill Study, one of my favorite rooms.  Henry Mercer spent much of his time here.  There are four desks in different locations in the room.  Each one was placed to make the best use of light at a specific time of the day.

This image was taken using natural light.  Multiple exposures were blended together to balance the overall exposure and maintain shadows and the light patterns on the floor.  I used Color Efex Pro’s tonal contrast to pop the tree out from the background.

Christmas at Fonthill – Morning Room

151222_FonthillChristmas_Morning Room by Karl Graf. Fonthill Castle Christmas Decorations – Morning Room

This image is from the Fonthill Morning Room adjacent to the Saloon.  Most of the standard day tours do not cover this room.  I could not get an acceptable HDR or blended image so I used flash for this image.  I set my camera exposure for exterior through the window.  The flash provide the light for the tree.

Christmas at Fonthill – Saloon

151221_FonthillChristmas_Saloon by Karl Graf. Fonthill Castle Christmas Display – Saloon

This image is taken in the Fonthill Saloon.  Getting a good image is always a difficult task in this room with the huge windows and deep shadows.  This image is a combination of a 4 image HDR blended with several single images to balance out the exterior light and maintain some of the interior shadows.  Lights on the tree created the golden color cast.

More Williamsburg Wreaths

150104_Wreath1 by . Fuji X-T1, XF18-135mm @ 110mm, f/5.6, 1/640 sec, ISO 1600

Today’s post includes a few examples of Holiday wreaths that adorn the homes and buildings in Colonial Williamsburg.  I just captured a few as my party was walking down the Duke of Glouster Street to our next stop.

150104_Wreath2 by .

150104_Wreath3 by .

A couple of lessons learned here.  I shot these images at a high ISO 1600.  I was going in and out of shade.  Some of the images could have been shot at a much lower ISO for less noise, some couldn’t.  Lesson learned:  Take my time on each image to get the best shooting parameters … Get out of the mode of shooting a “snap shot”!  I did take a little time in processing to POP out the wreath details and colors.  It made a difference.

First Impression for the Last

141229_East Conservatory Entry by . Longwood Gardens East Conservatory

Fuji X-T1, XF18-55mm @ 18mm, f/22, 1/5 sec, ISO 400

This is the first scene I saw as I entered the Longwood Conservatory from the East end. I caught this before a zillion people showed up.  I saved my first image for the last Longwood Christmas post for this year.  Next year will have many additional interesting opportunities.  Goodbye Longwood, at least for the time being.

More From Longwood Gardens

141228_White Decorations Longwood by . Fuji X-T1, XF18-55mm, @ 55mm, f/8, 1/55 sec, ISO 400

There is always something around every corner or sometimes right in front of you at the Longwood Gardens Conservatory.  This decoration was right in front in the East Conservatory as I walked in.  It caught my eye as soon as I glanced around the room.

I pulled out the details of the twigs and the feathers with a “recipe” that I have made in NIK Color Efex Pro.  The recipe is a combination of Tonal Contrast, Detail Enhancement, and Pro Contrast.  I then applied Darken/Lighten Center to provide additional focus on the white decorations. The total processing time was less that 2 minutes.

Still in the Christmas Spirit

141227_Red Poinsettia by . Fuji X-T1, EF18-55mm @ 55mm, f/11, 1/10 second, ISO 400

I am still in the Christmas mood.  This image is just an effort to work with composition.  The subject is the center stamens and pistils of the poinsettia flower.  The plant leaves framed the subject while the background ornaments added interest without distracting from the stamens and pistils.  I cropped the leaves to eliminated any distracting edges.  Using the “mirror lock-up” function might have improved the sharpness of the subject.  Always learning …