Mesquite Dunes #2

130318_MesquiteDunes2 by Karl G. Graf. This was my second try in the Mesquite Dunes.  A few of us got up early to catch the sunrise highlight the dunes while the others caught up on their sleep.  As the sun broke the horizon it cast soft shadows and warm highlights.  The contrast was very subtle.  This morning was a learning experience for me.  My objective was to see the contrasting shapes and lines, not necessarily capture that one great image.  Chuck Kimmerle gave us a few very good starting point insights, then took off over the dunes.  I followed his footsteps across the valleys and ridges, watching were he stopped shuffled around, put his tripod down (or not), then racing off to the next stop.  At these stopping points, I took my time looking around trying to pick out something that peaked my interest. Sometimes an image appeared, sometimes it didn’t.  It was a great morning just to be out and enjoy a wonderful landscape.



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