Seeing New Things

Attached is a blog entry from John Barclay which addresses seeing new things that you would not have shot before. | | Page 3.

By itself, the structure did not capture my interest.  However when linked with other “waste” materials, it perked my curiosity.  Here is my version.  Just a different perspective.

130428_EurekaMines_Outhouse by Karl Graf.

My next couple of posts will include additional details of the outhouse as I worked the image.

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4 thoughts on “Seeing New Things

    1. kgrafphoto Post author

      Thanks John. I always like to see how others perceive the same subject. It helps me brake loose from my step by step engineering mentality.

    1. kgrafphoto Post author

      Thanks Chuck,
      I actually gave a lot of thought to the white spot on the barrel. My first reaction was to eliminate it. The harder I looked at it, I felt that it led me to move my eyes back and forth between the outhouse and the waste barrels. So, I left it in.


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