Spring is Here … Maybe?

130422_Spring_Daffys&Pond by Karl Graf. Just when we thought Spring was here, the temperatures dropped to the low 30’s last night.  This morning was bright and clear, but “finger numbing” chilly.  With the wind blowing, I worked hard to come up with the best compromise between a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the daffodils and a depth of field large enough to get some detail in the background.  I was not too successful.  But it was still a bright Spring morning shot.

Lesson learned:  Sometimes a compromise cannot be reached … move on!

2 thoughts on “Spring is Here … Maybe?

  1. david fagerstrom

    I call nonsense: . . . “not too successful” – ha! Assuming no photoshop’ing, for a minute, I gotta say how the image hits hard in contrast. Yes, I include the usual contrast of brightness, but you offer also the contrast of resolution of background v. resolution of foreground.

    Significance of that to me–you tell a story that there’s a permanence to the flowers. That is, the rock slabs and the building can never, ever, present the way the flowers do now at this nanosecond of your image-making. Your audience will remember the flowers well after the background is forgot. Nicely demonstrated irony?

    It helps that the daffodils are bright color, but you have a general lighting differential going on, too.

    Who wrote it / said it, I dunno, but there’s a school of thought that goes thusly: Once the artist creates, he loses ownership. The work of art assumes innumerable new existences—every time another person first takes it into consciousness, personalized for each new individual.


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