Emerging: Wings

130501_Emerging_Wings by Karl Graf. Today is the First of May.  It is time to appreciate the emerging Spring flora.  For the next several posts, I will focus on the emerging buds and blossoms in our back yard.  This image caught my eye as I walked by one of our Japanese Maples.  It looked like the emerging leaves were wings ready to take off and fly.

For processing, I cropped the image to put the “wings” in the right perspective in relation to the edges.  I slightly brightened the center and darkened the background to add a little pop to the leaves.


2 thoughts on “Emerging: Wings

  1. J Charles

    Hurrah. Hurray. Today is the first of May. Karl’s photo website is up and running today!

    Good luck in your photographic travels.

    RE: Wings – Mother nature is a marvelous adventure in and of itself, as it is always changing. The miracle of life regardless of what form it takes constantly amazes me. You have captured a “miracle”. Nicely done .
    Waiting for more.


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