Iwo Jima Memorial

130607_IwoJima_Hands by Karl G. Graf.

From the Air Force Memorial we shot down to the Marines Memorial.  While I took several images of the overall sculpture, I felt like these two detail photos captured the feeling best for me.  The above image reflects the consolidated effort required to win the battle.  The expressions on the two soldiers faces shown below seem to project focus and determination.

130607_IwoJima_Heads by Karl G. Graf. Shadows from the high noon sun hid the details on the soldiers faces.  I used NIK Viveza and Color Efex Pro to brighten their faces while still maintaining the shadows and not blowing out the highlights in the rest of the image.  To accentuate the structure details, darken the blue sky, and keep the patina from the bronze, I first converted to black and white using NIK Silver Efex Pro.  To finish the photo, I blended the B&W version back into the color image.

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