130603_Lincoln_B&W2 by Karl G. Graf.

Last weekend Karen and I had the wonderful experience to spend time with my cousins and aunt in Washington, DC.  It was their first experience to really see the Capitol.  Being a teacher for her full career, my aunt continued to repeat that every American should have the experience to visit in person.  It really does provide a perspective of our history as well as the current affairs.  I will focus on this trip for my next several posts.

Since the first time I visited Washington almost 50 years ago, the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial has sent chills of pride through my body.  It still does as I write this post.  The firmness of his beliefs and sternness of his resolution as well as his heavy sorrow show in his face and eyes.

I converted this image to black and white to focus on Lincoln’s face.  I applied several masks to darken the background, brighten his face, and highlight his eyes and expressions.  This is the way I perceive his statue.  Below is the image straight out of the camera for a comparison.

130603_Lincoln by Karl G. Graf.

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