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NYC Reflection

140424_NYC Reflection by Karl G. Graf. Canon 7D, Tamron 18-270mm @ 65mm, f/5.6, 1/125 sec, ISO 800

This year we will miss joining our friends on our almost annual spring trip to New York City.  Our thoughts will we be with them as they make the trip without us.  I am very thankful for the many trips that we have made together and look forward to many more in the future.

This image was taken on our trip last spring.  I recall walking down the street, looking up and seeing interesting reflections.  I lingered back and worked this image until I got the reflections to line up with the windows.  It took a bit of time and my wife and friends were several blocks ahead egging me on to catch-up.  The delay was worth it.

We Will Always Remember

130911_Ground 0 by Karl G. Graf.

September 11 was twelve years ago.  It seems like it was just yesterday …  It seems like it was so long ago.  Visiting the 9/11 Memorial at Ground 0 puts it right back in front of us.  How could this happen here at home?  Why did it happen?  What are the underlying causes?  What can we do to make sure this cannot happen again?  What causes such hatred?  Can we ever be at peace between all the peoples of the world?  So many questions … so few answers.

We will always remember and never forget what happened.  We must also devote our efforts to resolve the underlying causes that led to this act.

Being Watched

130726_Being Watched by Karl G. Graf. Standing in line in New York City’s Times Square waiting to purchase theater tickets, I looked up and saw this HUGE eye looking down on me.  What an eerie feeling!!!  Look close and you can see  the billboard’s display segments.

I always find something interesting when I walk down the streets of NYC!  I constantly looking up, down, side to side, and back and forward.

Window “Shooting”

130412_NYC_Shoes#1 by Karl G. Graf.

Many, many times I see something interesting, then just walk by.  Afterwards I kick myself for not taking the time to explore and shoot.  Walking down a street in NYC, my good friend Doc and I spotted these fashion shoes and stopped in our tracks.  Our wives patiently waited as we took photographs.  Something is wrong with this picture … the usual scenario is the reverse.

Even though the background was in red, I visualized this in B&W when I took the image.  I worked the image to try to capture the American Flag reflecting in the store window.