Perspectives of Atlantis: 7

140215_Shuttle Rockets & Ext. Tank by © 2013 Karl Graf. Canon 7D, EF-S10-22mm @ 12mm, f/4.0, 1/8000 sec, ISO 800

These solid rocket boosters and external tank guard the entrance of the Kennedy Space Center Atlantis Shuttle exhibit.  The wide angle perspective of my 10-22mm lens reduces the impact of of just how huge these structures are.  I was in awe as I looked up.  The image below is the view looking straight up.  I got dizzy and almost fell over as I tried to balance this image in my viewfinder.

140215_Shuttle Rockets & Ext. Tank_2 by © 2013 Karl Graf.

This post ends my series on the Atlantis Space Shuttle.  I encourage all to take the time and visit our space heritage when in the Orlando area.


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