Fonthill: Breakfast Room – Floral Brocade & Architectural Molding Tiles

Breakfast Room Mirrors by Karl Graf. Architectural Molding Tiles Encase Breakfast Room Mirrors

Wandering through the Gallery a set of stairs leads up to the Breakfast Room.  The Breakfast Room displays two different types of Mercer tiles.  The mirror is framed with Mercer’s Architectural Molding Tiles.  Similar tiles are used throughout the Castle to frame Mercer’s historical tiles as well as frame windows and other architectural elements.

Breakfast Room Mosaic by Karl Graf. Floral Brocade Tiles on Russian Fireplace

A Floral Brocade Mosaic covers the Russian Fireplace on the opposite side of the room.  Multiple examples of Floral Brocade Mosaics are displayed throughout Fonthill.  Another example in the Castle entryway was shown on my 14 November post.



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