Fonthill: Library – Reference Stove Plate

141117_Library Stove Plate by Karl Graf. Canon 5DMkIII, EF24-70mm f2.8L @ 51mm, f/7.1, 0.8 sec, ISO 200

Many of Mercer’s tiles were inspired or taken directly from old cast iron stove plates like this one located in the Library Fireplace.  Impressions were made from the figures and designs.  Pay attention to the woman pouring liquid into an urn in the right-center part of the plate.  See something familiar in the tile below located on the Russian Fireplace in the Saloon.

141117_Saloon Russian Fireplace Scene by Karl Graf. Tile on the Russian Fireplace in the Saloon

Also notice other similar figures of people, urns, border patterns and so on.  As in any design, it is great to have a starting point.  The Castle is full of such tile scenes.  I really enjoy looking at the different stove plates on display and trying to find the designs replicated somewhere in the tiles.  It’s a little like playing hide and seek.

Tomorrow I will move into the Saloon.

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