Fonthill: Smoking Room – Spanish Brocade Tiles

Smoking Room Wall Tiles by Karl Graf. Canon 5DMkIII, EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 29mm, f/11, 13 sec, ISO 400

The Smoking Room is tucked up and above the Breakfast Room.  I guess there is nothing better than a good cigar after breakfast.  This mural is an example of a Spanish Brocade motif.  It is installed in the back corner of the room and is normally in deep shadows which makes it difficult to see the details.  This is the largest Spanish Brocade display in the castle.  It is too bad that it is not on the main path of the Fonthill standard tours.  Other examples of a Spanish Brocade are installed in a couple of other places in the castle that I plan to show in future posts.

1 thought on “Fonthill: Smoking Room – Spanish Brocade Tiles

  1. Stephanie Russell

    Hello Karl,

    I’m working with the Mercer Museum on an interactive, digital experience and saw your wonderful photos of the Fonthill & mercer Museum moravian tile. The Mercer Museum is looking for imagery to use in a puzzle module of the experience where we would showcase tile. Several of your straight on images would be perfect. Do you think it might be possible to have your permission to incorporate the photos into the experience? Here’s my company website: plow Thanks for reading my message, Stephanie Russell


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