Fonthill: Center Hall – Persian Tile Mosaic #2

141201_Persian Tile Mosaic 2 by Karl Graf. Canon 5DMKIII, EF17-40mm @ 20mm, f/8.0, ISO 400 (HDR)

Taking a few more steps up the stairs one find this second Mosaic of Persian antique tiles.  The origin dates for these are also unknown.  Note how Mercer uses his own architectural tiles to create this mosaic to display the Persian collection.

The left side of this mosaic was in bright sunlight while the right side was in shadow.  I used HDR processing and image merging to balance the shades to depict the colors that I saw.

Below are additional images of some individual tiles:

141201_Persian Tile 4 by Karl Graf. 141201_Persian Tile 3 by Karl Graf. 141201_Persian Tile 2 by Karl Graf.

141201_Persian Tile 1 by Karl Graf.


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