Fonthill: Columbus Room – Almost Too Much to Take In

Columbus Room by Karl Graf. Canon 5D MkIII, EF17-40mm f/4L @ 17mm, f/11, ISO 400 (HDR)

Tiles on the ceiling, tiles on the floor, tiles on drawers, tiles on the fireplace, tiles on the window sills, tiles on the wall …. tiles, tiles everywhere!  There is just too much to take in when just passing through.  I could spend hours just photographing this room and still not capture what my eyes and mind see.  I have “shot” this room at least a dozen times and still have not been to capture the feeling I get when in the room.

The theme in this room is Columbus’ voyage and discovery of the New World.  In addition, Mercer dedicated this room to his Aunt Elizabeth Lawrence (EL).  During the next several posts I will attempt to cover Mercer’s work in the Columbus Room.

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