Fonthill: Columbus Room – Rollo’s Stairs

Columbus Room by Karl Graf. Columbus Room – Rollo’s Stairs

Canon 5D MkIII, EF17-40mm f/4L @ 17mm, f/11, ISO 200 (HDR)

This image is another perspective of the variety of tiles in the Columbus Room.  Most people look up to see the elaborate tile work on the ceiling, missing the detailed tile work on the floor.  Rollo’s stairs lead up to the top terrace of the castle.  Until the day I took this image, I had not had the opportunity to see beyond these stairs.  So up I went.

The dynamic range of this image is 5 stops.  When the floor was properly exposed, the ceiling tiles were in an almost black shadow.  When the ceiling tiles were properly exposed, the floor tiles were completely blown out by the bright sun coming in through the windows.  NIK HDR Efex Pro came to the rescue to balance out the image.  I worked hard to not create a “HDR-looking” image.

Onward and upward we go!

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