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Never Forget

“World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial”
New York City

Now, on this Memorial Day more than ever, we all need to step back and remember what our Nation has gone through to establish and maintain our Democracy. We need to honor all who have given their lives to maintain our freedom. We need to thank those who have rebuilt our country and our sense of democratic freedom after attacks have been made.

Right now, the world is under attack by an autocrat in Russia who has ruthlessly invaded the Ukraine and who threatens to use nuclear weapons if anyone tries to stop him. Here at home, we are threatened by an autocrat who has denied the legitimacy of our election process (without any proof) and who has instigated an attack on our Capitol. On a personal basis, we are being held up by a gun lobby who will not back off supporting selling military grade weapons designed for the mass killing of people.

It is the time for us to stand up and bring back sanity and compassion to our Nation and World.

Never Forget

“9/11 Memorial”
New York City

Twenty years have passed since the infamous attack on the American Nation. The memorial pays tribute to the 2,983 people who lost their lives in the 2001 and 1993 terrorist attacks. We must never forget those who were lost as well as the families and friends whose lives were impacted by the lost ones.

We must never forget about the terrorist events themselves. But we must also look beyond the events and search out the root causes that triggered them. Only by addressing and resolving the root causes will we be able to stop such events from occurring again in the future.

We Will Always Remember

130911_Ground 0 by Karl G. Graf.

September 11 was twelve years ago.  It seems like it was just yesterday …  It seems like it was so long ago.  Visiting the 9/11 Memorial at Ground 0 puts it right back in front of us.  How could this happen here at home?  Why did it happen?  What are the underlying causes?  What can we do to make sure this cannot happen again?  What causes such hatred?  Can we ever be at peace between all the peoples of the world?  So many questions … so few answers.

We will always remember and never forget what happened.  We must also devote our efforts to resolve the underlying causes that led to this act.