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What is Behind?

Door Handles – Raymond Library, Yakima Valley College

My friend exclaimed “LOOK!”.  I turned and saw these interesting door handles.  They looked more like little sculptures than handles.  As I squinted, the glass doors became darker and the light reflecting off the handles became less harsh.  It gave me a little feeling of mystery, “What is behind these doors?”.

Brilliance: Light and POV

Glass Sculpture in Early Morning Sunlight

I was doing some “homework” for Dave duChemin’s “Compelling Frame” on-line course when I stumbled on this opportunity.  I was working this sculpture from multiple angles when a bright blast of light flashed in my eye.  The light was coming from the rear right of the frame.  It entered the sculpture from the rear right angle and reflected on the rear left internal face.  It blasted back out at me at approximately a 270 degree angle from which it first struck the sculpture.  I took several minutes to capture the bright reflection.  Camera movement of only a few millimeters impacted the reflection.  At the same time the sun was moving slightly.  After several unsuccessful attempts, I caught one that was a “keeper”.  This was an excellent lesson and how an intentional point of view (POV) made the image.

Things That Catch My Eye

150224_LionHead_FlaglerCollege_StAugustine by Karl G. Graf. Canon 5D MarkIII, EF24-70mm f/2.8L @ 32mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO 1600

I am always searching for things that catch my eye.  I cannot classify my style as a landscape photographer, an architectural photographer, a portrait photographer, a macro photographer or other genre.  What interests me most are details … things that just pop up and catch my eye.  This image in an example.  I was looking around at the entryway and the architecture of the Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL.  I took several images of the overall entrance structure.  But what really caught my eye was this sculpture of a lion’s head on one of the entrance pillars.


140421_Bend_Wheel by Karl G. Graf. Canon 7D, Tamron 18-270mm @ 42mm, f/11, 1/125 sec, ISO 400

This sculpture is located in the Old Mill District of Bend Oregon.  Karen and I spend several hours just walking around and enjoying the day.  I took the opportunity to focus on different shapes of structures around the area.