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Turn Around

130818_SmithRocks_Clouds by Karl G. Graf.

Just turn around and see a whole different world.  The last 3 posts looking West showed peaceful images without a cloud in the sky.  Looking East was a totally different story.  These clouds were just flying across the sky along the eastern horizon.  I was intrigued by the wispiness of the clouds.  There must have been quite a high jet stream up there.  B&W provided the sharp contrast between the clouds and the bright blue sky.



130818_SmithRocks_B&W by Karl G. Graf.

These steep vertical spires of Smith Rocks separated the view between the images on my previous two posts.  Looking at these massive rocks jutting out of the landscape makes me realize just how amazing Nature is.  I attempted to use black and white to emphasize the drama of these spires.  An early morning sunrise will make this image spectacular.  I can’t wait to go back!


130816_SmithRocks_BrokenTop by Karl G. Graf.

We visited Smith Rocks (near Bend, OR) with a couple of great friends in early July at mid-day.  Not the best time for great breath-taking images.  So I focused on finding good compositions that I can come back to during another trip, at sunrise.  This image frames Broken Top between two spires of Smith Rocks.  The round boulder in the middle provides a little interest.  I removed houses that were located along the tree-lined ridge in Photoshop.  If you look close you can still see a few remnants.