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Immersed in Warmth

North Star Spruce
Heatherwood Spring

This image just gives me warmth. The warm spring sun was highlighting a Wintersomme Mugo Pine. It was radiating its bright yellow winter color. My assignment was to find something interesting to put in front of it. The tip of a young North Star Spruce called out “Here I Am.”

The Coronavirus and “Social Distancing” will be with us for quite some time I am afraid. To me, “Social Distancing” is the wrong term to use. “Physical Distancing” is really what we should be addressing. With all the means we have for remotely communicating including social media, there is no reason that we need to lock our minds and souls up and quarantine communication and connections with others. Physical distancing is important in today’s time, but nothing is stopping us for reaching out and saying, “Here I Am!”

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Spring is Coming


With all the crazy things going on and the limitations we are all managing as the result of Coronavirus precautions, I am spending my free time outside in our garden and taking walks in nature. I will start a series of postings on harbingers of spring.

With the mild seasonal temperatures we have experienced this winter, many plants and trees have started budding early. This little spruce is about ready to release its spring growth.

Have a happy day and get out and enjoy nature if you can.

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