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Borrowed View and Memories

Front Yard View
Heatherwood Winter

Looking out over our front yard, I reflect on memories of bygone childhood years. Outside our farmhouse door, in the foreground I see the snow covered apple trees with a few remaining apples hanging on the wild branches that need to be pruned. A little farther out I see our neighbor’s newly planted apple orchard. Behind the new apple orchard, I reminisce running through the old cherry orchard looking for low hanging delicious treats. And above the cherry orchard, I dream of the hours I would spend roaming around the sagebrush hills behind our orchard.

I enjoy looking over our Heatherwood landscape as I appreciate the borrowed views from our neighbors’ properties.

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Keeping My Mind and Eyes Open

“Winter Sunset”
Heatherwood View

One of my favorite places to sit, relax, and read is in our family room by the window. I frequently look up and gaze over the our garden and the ridges in the distance. Most times I see something that catches my attention and causes me to pause and contemplatively think about what I am seeing. The more that my mind is open, the more that I see. The more that I see, the more I appreciate the wonderful world we live in.

Stark Mystery

Neighbor’s Pasture
Heatherwood, Winter

Yesterday I awoke to the ground covered with about 6 inches of snow. A light fog covered the surrounding hills. Snow covered objects blended into the background. From the top of Heatherwood, I saw our neighbor’s trees mysteriously transparent on the hillside. It’s nice to live in the country.

Heatherwood, 31 December 2020

Heatherwood From Above, Dec 2020

The last day of 2020 was a beautiful sunny winter day. Mary and I decided to take a little walk around the neighborhood and say goodbye to 2020. The walk felt very good … we should do it every day!

The above image will record the progress of Heatherwood as of the end of 2020. The property has changed considerably since I moved in at the beginning of 2016. For reference, below is an image that I took in March 2016.

Heatherwood Property March 2016

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Country Peace

“Country Peace”
Heatherwood Neighborhood

It is wonderful living in the country. Heatherwood is surrounded by hills and countryside settings. I step out of our garage and look across the street to see this peaceful pastoral setting. Sometimes our neighbor’s horses are grazing in the pasture or beneath these old apple trees. This area was once covered by apple and cherry orchards. Now there remains just a few apple trees along our neighbor’s property line and an old cherry orchard on a distant hillside. Much of the area has been converted to pastures and scattered homes. Heatherwood is in the middle of this bucolic area.

We have attempted to design Heatherwood’s landscape to take advantage of the peaceful surroundings. Plantings and paths encourage a wanderer to enjoy the immediate surroundings then look out to see views of the surrounding area. Sitting areas are located and framed to do the same. The garden brings peace to the busy world around us.