An Exercise in Balance

130610_Capitol dome_inside by Karl G. Graf.

This image was taken looking straight up inside the Capitol Dome.  It was a exercise in balance from two perspectives.  First, I worked hard to balance the image from side to side and top to bottom.  The image is not cropped.  The second perspective was to keep my physical balance as I stood looking straight up with my camera. To compensate for my dizziness I had to shoot at 1/250 second at ISO 3200.  The second perspective of balance was much harder for me.

I have been inside the Capitol several times over the past years.  Access inside the building has changed over time.  When we lived in the DC area in the mid-80’s, one could enter the building and explore without being on a scheduled tour.  I recall times when I could just walk into the Senate and House galleries and observe sessions in progress.  Not so any more, times change … many times not for the best.

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