The Capitol in the Golden Hour

130609_Capitol by Karl G. Graf.

We first stopped by the Capitol at mid-day.  It radiated its brilliant white marble color.  We came back later in the early evening at about 8:00 pm as the setting sun was casting its brilliant golden sheen on the dome.  This image was taken as we were walking back to the tour bus.  I turned around for one last look and saw the dome nicely framed by trees along the sidewalk.  I have learned over time to continuously look up, down, back, and all around as I stroll along.  I can never tell where the next image is waiting to be captured.

For reference, below is a mid-day shot of the Capitol.

130609_Capitol_mid-day by Karl G. Graf.

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2 thoughts on “The Capitol in the Golden Hour

  1. Von Graf

    Great picture Kip- I like the contrast between lady liberty and the capital building (top photo) and the sky darkens as one looks to the heavens-


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