Fonthill: Another Entryway Mosaic that Nobody Sees

Entryway Mosaics by Karl Graf.

Canon 5D MkIII, EF17-40mm f/4L @ 22mm, f/8.0, 8 sec, ISO 200

This is another beautiful mosaic mural in the Fonthill entryway that most people brush by on the start of the Fonthill tour.  It is located in a very dark hallway that leads from the entryway to the library.  I cannot recall the number of times I have taken the tour and just walked by this mural.

This project is teaching me to be patient, look around, explore with with my eyes and see things that I have not “seen” before.  My eyes may have passed over things as I rushed to capture the more common view points.  By being patient without expectations, I am “seeing” much more than ever before.  As John Barclay keeps repeating:  “Be patient, have no expectations, let the image come to you.”

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