Fonthill: Start of a Walking Tour of Mercer’s Tile Collection

Entryway Mosaics by Karl Graf. Canon 5D MkIII, EF24-70mm f2.8L @ 52mm, f/11, 5 sec, ISO 200

Welcome.  This will be the first post of a series that will walk through Fonthill Castle room by room, focusing on the Mercer tile collection.  I will attempt to throw in a few of my “learning” tidbits along the way.

This mosaic greets you as you first walk in to the Fonthill “front door” into the Visitor entryway.  Most eyes move quickly to the left to the Visitor check-in desk and do not pay attention to this mural.  After check in a visitor usually moves around looking at various items for sale in the entryway or moves quickly into the Conservatory.  They do not pay much attention to this mural.  I encourage my guests to stop and look.  This is the only place in the Castle that this style of tile work is displayed.  Below is a close-up of one of the repetitive scenes.

Entryway Mosaics by Karl Graf.

For another beautiful mural located behind and to the left of the Visitors check-in desk, please look back to my first post on 12 November.


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