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Frenchman’s Spring Coulee

Frenchman’s Spring Coulee – near Vantage, WA

This image is taken from the top of the Frenchman’s Spring Coulee looking down toward the Columbia River.  The mountains in the far background are the Cascade foothills. This coulee was created during the Ice Age Missoula Floods.  It is the farthest south water path from the Quincy Basin to the Columbia River.  The flood waters in the Quincy Basin were split by the Frenchman hills, just south of this coulee.  The water flowed east into the Drumheller Channels toward Othello and west into the Columbia River via several coulees including Frenchman Springs.

The wind was howling, so I did not feel like getting too close to the edge.  I bet this will make a good sunset or sunrise photo.  I will be back.


Just Trying Something Different

Grass Clump Abstract

Walking along I spotted this interesting clump of grass.  I immediately thought that it would make a great subject for a hand-held circular pan.  It did.  Sometimes things just pop out in front of me.  These usually turn out to be some of my favorite images.

For reference, below is the grass clump with out the pan.  I like the abstract better.

Just a Clump of Grass

Drumheller Channels Pano

Drumheller Channels – Othello, Washington

This image is a hand-held pano taken above the Goose Lake trail head at the northern part of the Drumheller Channels reserve, just below O’Sullivan Dam.  This was our final stop on our Sandhill Crane photo shoot.  We took a leisurely hike (walk) to cap off a great trip.  Spring is a beautiful time to visit the Channels.  I was hoping for some big white puffy clouds.  But it just did not happen this trip.  I will return …

Sometimes You Get Lucky

Scootney Reservoir Sunset – Othello, WA

After a chilly late afternoon / early evening Sandhill Crane photography shoot, we were looking for a rest area.  The closest one was at Scootney Park.  As we drove down to the lake, the sun had just gone down below the western hills.  The red, orange, and pink colors covered the sky and reflected over the lake.  The rest stop had to be delayed for a while while we captured the beautiful sunset.  We sure got lucky!

More Ice Age Geology – Corfu Landslide

Corfu Landslide – Saddle Mountains, Central Washington

This image was taken from  Lower Crab Creek Road.  It is a small section of the Corfu Landslide. Lower Crab creek is in the foreground. This part of the landslide was probably post Missoula Floods.  It looked like the rocks at the base were not eroded, hence it probably occurred following the last floods.  The land slide extends upward to the Saddle Mountains crest.  A couple of weeks prior to taking this image,  I was at the crest of the Mountain looking down.  Refer to my post of 27 March.

Abstract Fun

Colorado Blue Spruce Abstract 1

Sometimes it is just fun to play around with images.  I knew that I would use various ways of post processing when I first took the image.  Here is one version.  Playing around a little more, I came up with the following abstract :

Colorado Blue Spruce Abstract 2

Head On

Colorado Blue Spruce Tip – New Growth

As I was walking around my yard, I was just looking for images to pop into my sight.  I have photographed new growth on evergreens more times than I can imagine.  However, I have never made an image on new growth taken from a head on perspective. A tip of new growth from a Colorado Blue Spruce just jumped out in front of my eyes. So I looked around more to try to get one that was the most symmetrical.  My mind started to think what I could do with this from an abstract point of view.  I plan to apply some creative alternatives in a future post.

Like my friend John Barclay ( emphasizes.  Do not force a photograph, let the image come to you.  This one did …

A Beautiful Morning

Small Lake in Othello Channels

After a great photo shoot of Sandhill Cranes in the early morning, we decided to take a drive on back roads and look for more cranes in a different direction.  We saw this little lake along side the road and just pulled off to do a little exploring.  It was such a beautiful morning and such a picturesque little scene.  I just couldn’t help but to stop and snap a postcard.  We didn’t find any more cranes … but we saw some nice scenery.