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Bright and Shiny

“Perennial Mixture”
Heatherwood Cherry Allee

“Bright and Shiny” is what Mary wanted for her Cherry Allee. It was one of the first criteria that we established as we planned our design for the “lower 40.” It has now become a reality … at least the start of one. Colors are constantly changing as one set of blooms expire and another one starts to bloom. Our target was to have a continuous bloom from mid/late spring through the fall. So far it is working.

Yellow Flowers

On a bright, July day, the yellow flowers are like little suns,
waving in a slight breeze and looking toward me from different angles.

The Earth gives us little miracles, like flowers that drink in the sun,
radiating their color and vibrance to any willing passerby.

The little voices in my head say, “We don’t need to understand it all; just look at the pretty
yellow flowers . . .”

– Mary Dahlin Graf

Star Gazing

“Stargazer Lily”
Heatherwood Cherry Allee

A bloom, rarely shy
The lily, bold and joyful—
Fragrant, fleeting grace

– Mary Dahlin Graf

How nice these lilies smell! We planted them next to our “sitting stones” at the top of our cherry allee. When we were first planning what kind of flowers we want to plant, Mary’s immediate response was, “a Stargazer lily, please, please, please!”. So, we made it happen. Now she can sit at the top of her allee, reach out, touch, and enjoy the beautiful blooms. Life is good!

It Has a Long Way to Go

“View from Below”
Heatherwood Cherry Allee

Yesterday’s post was of a mature cherry allee at the Yakima Arboretum. This image is our new cherry allee planted this spring. Between the eight trees we have planted a colorful perennial garden with a path zig zagging through the flowers. We have picked perennials that will flower from late spring through early fall.

It will take several years for the trees to grow large enough to form the allee. The perennials will fill in much quicker. In about three years they should fill in leaving a minimum of uncovered ground.